Chantal Marti

Professional actress, certified adult trainer, Public Relations specialist.
My experience is unusual, and this is what makes my work special. I use acting skills to answer the needs of various professional environments, which I understand in term of challenges and organisation.


Following my dramatic art school in Paris, I worked on stage in France, Poland and Switzerland, and participated in numerous workshops led by talented and recognized international artists. This gave me vast experience with different acting techniques and a full acting toolbox, which I now use in my workshops. I especially enjoy exploring voice and body work.
In order to better understand human nature, I followed an introduction course on emotions with Isabelle Filiozat of France.

Business & education skills

Prior to acting, I completed a communications school in Lausanne (Polycom), earning a Diploma in Communication and a PET Diploma of Public Relations Specialist. I worked in different professional environments: in companies, as well as NGOs and foundations.
Besides my career as an actress, I have been working for a major international company in Lausanne, in charge of an internal training program. Part of my activities was to coach the presenters.

In order to gain further knowledge and proficiency for my training sessions, I studied education skills, and obtained a PET diploma as an adult trainer in 2016.

An unconventional path for a unique approach

I founded Diotime through my passion. I use tools gathered from my different experiences to create unique training and individual coaching sessions. I adapt acting techniques and invent new ones, to respond to each person's expectations and needs. Curious and passionate, I like to look for the best in each individual and help them reveal new skills.
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Professional actors team

Diotime works with a network  of professional actors – each one with unique personality and creativity. All of them are curious by nature and possess the necessary skills to bring to life situations and characters in their own unique way. Above all, they share something essential in Diotime: the passion for acting and for people!

About Diotime

Diotime was a woman who lived in ancient times, the only woman mentioned in Plato’s Symposium. She certainly possessed charisma and good public speaking skills to appear in such a philosophical book!

The Belgian writer Henri Bauchau describes her as a passionate woman: she meets Œdipe and helps him give birth to an ancient song. The picture is beautiful and reveals an ideal: to focus on human beings, with all their specificities and splendor, helping them go beyond their own barriers, to discover something new about themselves. A little bit like a journey: an invitation to discover new territories. Or what we could call: THE ACTING EXPERIENCE!


Why acting ?

Acting is a powerful tool. The main working material is the actor himself, who explores and develops new inner qualities.

Acting is by essence standing in front of an audience. It is a powerful way to become aware of our energy level, to formulate words and ideas, and learn how to set an objective and do everything needed to reach it. Acting is all about emotions and there is no learning without emotions.

In english-speaking countries, acting techniques are more and more integrated to the main universities' curriculum. It is an original way to learn, and the final results are surprisingly efficient. Recent neurological research prove that people learn better while playing. And acting is all about practice and action. The learning process allows to understand through the body, sensations, feelings and emotions, what is difficult to understand only with the head.

The acting experience

Actors are trained to look natural and sincere while playing unknown situations, texts and roles - this requires a lot of practice. Diotime proposes you to jump on stage and experiment the acting world!



We focus on the human being. We think that each individual is unique and has something precious to offer. 

Our activities follow our values:

- Quality
- Respect of each one's rhythm
- Confidentiality
- Non-competitive
- Non-judgmental
- Kindness
- Right to fail