Learn how to give effective presentations and speeches

Use acting techniques, emotions management and communication tools to gain confidence,  clarity, connection and impact!

Personalized sessions designed to target your needs and wishes:

Clarity of messages
Stage fright
Public connection

Body language

Fluidity and rhythm

Express your personality and share your ideas

The importance of Public speaking

Public speaking is now omnipresent: PowerPoint presentations, meetings, speeches, interviews, on-line meetings, trainings, etc.
To possess good verbal communication skills proves to bring success in the workplace.
How to create an effective presentation? How to make a good impression and feel at ease?
Each individual has a unique personality, qualities and ideas. The aim of these sessions is to allow you to give your best whenever you have to speak to an audience (whatever the size) and to deliver your messages in the most appropriate way.

An effective method

We use
- acting techniques: how to be on stage, connect with your partner (your audience), use your voice and your body in a conscious way, master the rythm of your speech, etc.
- emotions management: how to deal with fear, and undo blocked emotions if needed.
- communication tools: to create powerful messages that your public will remember.

Your public speaking coach

You will work with Chantal Marti, a trained actress, PR specialist and adults trainer, who specialized in training and coaching sessions on Public Speaking since 2014.  Her strength is her capacity to "read" people's needs and propose targeted exercices. The sessions are surprising, non-conventional and... efficient!
Learn more about Chantal Marti.

Timing and location

 The sessions take place in "Les Chercheurs d'or", in Lausanne, which can be easily reachable by car and public transports.
They last between 1.5 to 2 hours.
The number of sessions is determined together, depending on your needs.

Ready for action?

Are you ready for a unique, fun, surprising and intense experience which will allow you to gain new presentation skills and ready-to-use tools?

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