For a better use of Powerpoint and bring added-value to your presentations

For simple and powerful visuals


In the office environment, PowerPoint has become ubiquitous. It is usual to create PPT slides for each meeting (whatever their size or importance). They are commonly overloaded with text and overflow with information.
Are they really efficient when built in such a way?
What is their true purpose?
This training questions these habits and provides concrete solutions to gain in performance.

Training content

The objective is to provide a new performing vision of PowerPoint and its utilization. How to build presentations which are visually simple and enjoyable to watch? Which allow the presenter to be the center of attention? Which helps convey messages in an efficient way?

During the training, you will also discover new tools to gain time while creating your slides, and which help you transform texts in adapted visuals.


This training lasts half a day. The participants work on their computer. Basic PowerPoint knowledge is required, as the technical creation of slides is not addressed.