Why acting ?

Acting is a powerful tool. The main working material is the actor himself, who explores and develops new inner qualities.

Acting is by essence standing in front of an audience. It is a powerful way to become aware of our energy level, to formulate words and ideas, and learn how to set an objective and do everything needed to reach it. Acting is all about emotions and there is no learning without emotions.

In english-speaking countries, acting techniques are more and more integrated to the main universities' curriculum. It is an original way to learn, and the final results are surprisingly efficient. Recent neurological research prove that people learn better while playing. And acting is all about practice and action. The learning process allows to understand through the body, sensations, feelings and emotions, what is difficult to understand only with the head.

The acting experience

Actors are trained to look natural and sincere while playing unknown situations, texts and roles - this requires a lot of practice. Diotime proposes you to jump on stage and experiment the acting world!



We focus on the human being. We think that each individual is unique and has something precious to offer.

Our activities follow our values:

- Quality
- Respect of each one's rhythm
- Confidentiality
- Non-competitive
- Non-judgmental
- Kindness
- Right to fail