a unique approach

« To be honest, I have always been on the sceptical side whether Personal Skill Development trainings can be sustainably useful and helpful for me, since the main challenge is to break your own barriers and constraints. After my intense 3 day training with Chantal, I changed my mind. The main reason for this is her unique approach. I had training with 12 other people, and Chantal does not teach the same stereotypical skill set to every single person. Even in a group training, she observed every individual elaborately and then gave tailored suggestions. Chantal is a tremendous observer and she is very good at finding your own weak points or constraints.
Later, I had the chance to work individually with her, doing unorthodox, challenging but fun exercises to hammer these barriers. She has nucleus energy and it is inevitable that this energy spreads to you. During the exercises, there are times you get upset, sometimes you feel very tired but overall you feel that it is the journey to get rid of the aspects that prevent you making better presentations. Chantal doesn’t only encourage you to think outside the box, she helps you get rid of the box. During the 3 day training, I made around six different presentations and for each of them I saw rapid improvement; after each one, I was saying this was the best presentation I have delivered.
Finally, I must say, the training Chantal delivered wasn’t just for presentation skills nor it was only related with work, there were certain elements that I learned from her that now, I use in my daily life for better and effective communication. I definitely recommend Chantal, as she helps you explore different horizons within yourself with a hint of positive craziness.»

Emir Ozgun Nohutcu, Product Design Engineer

3-day Presentation skills Workshop

a positive experience

« First, the idea to speak in front of strangers seemed scary. But very quickly, we understood that everyone encountered the same difficulties, as soon as we needed to speak in public, whatever the age or profession.
The exercices proposed in this workshop are very diverse, and it doesn't take long to get into them, even into the most wacky ones.
We were a small group, which gave us the advantage to do group exercices, useful for everyone, as well as more personnalised activities.
The most surprising, with these activities, is that they allow us to do things we thought we were unable to do. It's a little bit as if someone else was speaking for us.
It is a positive experience, and I highly recommend it.»

David L., Lausanne

2- day Public Speaking Workshop

to be taken out of your comfort zone

«If you want to go beyond theory, to be taken out of your comfort zone, to learn something new about yourself, to be a better trainer and have fun at the same Time, this is a very good starting point.»

Julio Klemm

2-day tailor-made Workshop for trainers in a company

ready-to-use principles for direct application

«It was the best training I had to date. The training was handled really professionnally, with focus on making us end the training with changed mindset and ready-to-use principles, for direct application. I could use what I learnt just as well in knowledge transfer, user guidance and formal training. »

Yvain, IT project manager

2-day tailor-made training - designed for trainers in a company

Three months after Diotime,
I had the presentation of my life

« Some people are born with charm and ability as a natural speaker, and most people say that I have “it” since I was kid.
I was in a play, delivered a graduation speech, joined a speech competition, participated in Model of United Nations and presented my second winning business case at National Championship of Risk Management, which are quite impressive records.
But the truth is I never felt satisfied with the way I presented for the whole 26 years of my life. I felt that I was lacking “fun” and “excitement” while presenting, and it became my biggest concern. But the more I chase it, the further I felt dissatisfied.
Until I experienced Diotime with Chantal.
Beyond my expectation in both building connection with the participants and pushing us to achieve our goals in only three days, Chantal and her method is an absolute brilliant exercise.
I witnessed the evolution of 13 people including me, from just presenter or natural speaker, becoming INCREDIBLE presenter and speaker.
First, through an unimaginable series of acting exercises, we got the chance to explore our worst weakness and turned it into the strength and to find our persona which became our signature.
For example, I found my weaknesses were my inconsistent focus, body movement, and voice tone, because I was too much into “creating excitement”.
But Chantal helped me to realize that my persona is to be grounded and impactful. And with correct intensity and focus during acting exercises, I finally learned how to deliver a presentation like I always wanted, seizing the attention of the audience, and channeling the messages.
More than shaping the way we present, Chantal also pointed out the second point over and over again: the importance of having a clear objective. Through many challenging exercises, she pushed us to focus on creating simple speeches to channel an objective. Because at the end of the day, these are the messages that you want the people to remember from your presentation. And with only these two amazing points, she has changed my life entirely. Of course, last but not least, she emphasized the absolute undeniable importance to practice our speech until we master it.
After Diotime, I had the presentation of my life last December 2015 and I will never forget her whenever, wherever I present.
Merci Chantal!»

Dhia Paramita Kristanto –Product Designer, Sampoerna Indonesia

3-day Presentation skills Workshop

you opened a door

«“Thank you for your empathy, for your energy, thank you for your understanding…
Your personal needs exercises are excellent. You opened a door to a whole new area to explore.”

Aleksandar Stojanovic

5-days training on Presentation skills

a simpler and truer communication

« During the Public Speaking workshop with Chantal, I learnt the importance of the accuracy of words, and to mean what we say deep down in ourself; resulting in a simpler and truer communication.
I loved the acting exercices, the happy mood and excellent athmosphere created by Chantal.  To be enjoyed as much as you can!!! »

Bea G.

3-day Public Speaking workshop

it's intense - i loved it

« I had the chance to participate in two training sessions provided by Chantal.
I started with the "Public Speaking using acting skills" workshop, . There, I learnt how to stay myself while delivering a presentation and reaching my goal; and of course, how to deal with my fear and enhance my message. It's physical, it's intense, it reflects the generosity of the trainer. I loved it.

A few months later: Powerpoint. It's very interesting to see that the two training sessions share common grounds and  complement themselves perfectly - even if it's not necessary to follow both of them. In both cases, we leave the training with a simple and ready-to-use toolbox.
I really recommend them and, as far as I'm concerned, I'm looking forward to attending another training.»

Laurence, Employee in an international company, Lake Geneva region

2-day Public Speaking workshop + 1/2-day Powerpoint training

stunned by the experience

« For my first workshop in the acting field, I was stunned by the experience...
Chantal clearly committed herself to initiate us, to reconnect us with our voice, with an evident kindness, exceptional attention and overflowing energy. I strongly recommend to every person curious to discover their true voice."


2-day Public Speaking Workshop

explore our hidden ressources

« Ah! finally took the time to work with a professional, whose acting experience allows you to explore the resources hidden deep in ourselves. Beautiful surprises! Diotime? A must. Thanks Chantal.»


2- day Presentation Skills Workshop


« I recommend to the shy and inhibited people, and to everyone else. It's more efficient than the beta-blockers and much more rewarding.»

Philippe Kraehenbuhl

2-day Public Speaking workshop