Defy your fears and take back your power

The sessions are personalized to address your needs

Increase Self-assertion
Unblock emotions

Open yourself to others
Overcome your limits

Dare to do what you want
Feel better

Emotions, expression & Self-esteem

This is for you if...

You want to go beyond your limits, dare to do more, be more assertive, feel better and open yourself to others...

How does it work ?

You will explore your fears.
You will know how to get more strength.
You will do some strange movements and sounds which will help you to go beyond your own limits and get rid of blocked emotions! 🙂
Of course, we will always follow your rhythm and gently address the difficulties you encounter.

How do we work?

The coaching sessions are unique. The method is the result of years of researches and experiences. We usually use acting techniques, emotions management, sounds and movements. It all depends on you: What you are ready to explore and experiment.
When we feel scared, the emotions are usually locked in the body. That's why we work a little bit with the analysis, and mainly with body movements, sounds, energy and feelings.
We also provide Public Speaking coaching - if you are interested we can tackle both areas: confidence and presentation skills.

Your coach

You will work with Chantal Marti, a trained actress specialized in emotions and expression. Her strength is her capacity to understand people's needs, to see "what blocks" and to propose personalized exercices.
Learn more about Chantal Marti.

Timing and location

 The sessions take place in "Les Chercheurs d'or", in Lausanne, which can be easily reachable by car and public transports.
They last between 1.5 to 2 hours.
The number of sessions is determined together, depending on your needs.

(almost) ready?

Are you ready to finally tackle this? To make this first step?

Not so sure? Then call us to discuss your needs and see if this work could be appropriate for you. We are always happy to answer your questions and chat for a while! CONTACT US!