For your presentations, speech and other forms of verbal communication

Diotime's most popular program, this training offers you the chance to explore all forms of Public Speaking, using mainly acting techniques.

Which elements can be addressed?

Body language


Public connection
Fluidity and rhythm

Expand your potential !


Each individual has a unique personality and qualities. Our aim is to help our participants to  develop their full potential.
To possess good communication skills often proves to bring success in the workplace. How to create a presentation which makes sense to the public? How to build it and present it in the most attractive way?


The objective is to provide tools to develop better presentations and public speaking skills, and in the same time allow each participants to address their own needs.


The program is designed according to the participants’ needs and expectations. It is based on three pillars:  Acting skills for public speaking (for example: body presence, energy, connection with the audience, confidence, etc.); content of the presentations and messages; tips and Q&A sessions during the training.

The sessions are very active and interactive. We propose a combination of group activities and individual work. The participants are given personalized feedback, coaching and challenges during the workshop in order to advance their own development.


The trainings last in general between 2 to 5 days, depending on the number of participants and the skills that you would like to develop. As it is based on practice and experience, it is better to create small groups to allow maximum time for interactivity and individual work.
Ideally, it is completed by an additional day or coaching sessions to fully integrate the acquired new skills. 

This training is provided by Chantal Marti, whose experience in acting, communication, education skills and in the Corporate world, allows you to access this art through various angles.

Training in French or English, in Switzerland and worldwide.

To summarize

A unique, fun, surprising and intense experience which will allow you to gain new skills and ready-to-use tools.