The ultimate training to bring interactivity, visuals and emotions

Prestigious, unique and quality performances created specially for you.
Theater provides emotions, and the effect is multiplied when the audience can relate to what they see.



Train your audience with theater!

Diotime's ultimate experience for  big audiences! Watch, laugh, reflect and learn!

What is a theatrical conference?

If you have a big audience and want  to change their mindset on a topic, this is for you!

We create a conference which is played by actors. It allows to illustrate the topic and add emotions: the key element to learn!

We already have some theatrical conferences ready to be adapted to your organization, on:

  • emotions
  • biais
  • gender biais

Upon request, we create new conferences from scratch.
We work closely with you all the answer the needs of your audience.


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We create an exclusive performance for you, to illustrate a topic or an issue

How does it work?

- Together, we first determine your needs to tackle a specific topic
- We lead interviews with some target individuals who best represent your final audience (usually your employees)
- A play (or several short scenes) are written based on the interviews.
- The play is rehearsed, and then performed during your event by professional actors.

At each step of the process, you validate our proposition.

  • You want to re-define the values of your organization and what the support of your employees
  • There are some issues with the way people communicate and you would like to change this
  • You have to bring changes to your organization, you know people won't like it and you would like to bring the topic in an uncommun way


Job interviews, interactions or evaluations: get trained on face to face situations

We support your training with actors

- First we define your project. What are you expecting?
- Diotime looks for the actors who will best interpret the involved profiles.
- The actors receive all the necessary information and get trained to be able to play their role(s) at their best.
- During the role plays sessions, they give life to their character(s) and the defined situations.
- At the end, they provide feedback and share their feelings and impressions - if you wish.

To summarize

The best way to test your employees' skills in close to real-life situations!

Do you want to know more?

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