Role plays and performances : let the theater into your company!

with professional actors

Job interviews or evaluations: get trained on face to face situations, thanks to role plays with professional actors.

How does it work ?

- During our first meeting, we define your project: what kind of interview and skills would you like to test? What are you expecting?
- Diotime looks for the actors who will best interpret the involved profiles.
- The actors receive all the necessary information and get trained to be able to play their role(s) at their best.
- During the role plays sessions, they give life to their character(s) and the defined situations.
- At the end, they provide feedback and share their feelings and impressions.

To summarize

Thanks to role plays, you test your skills in close to real-life situations!


A real scene - played live!

We create an exclusive performance for you, to animate an event or illustrate a topic.

How does it work?

- Together, we first determine your needs to bring an original touch to an event or to tackle a specific topic (for example: burn-out, diversity).
- We lead interviews with some target individuals who best represent your final audience (for example your employees) or with the topic specialists.
- A play (or several short scenes) are written based on the interviews.
- The play is rehearsed, and then performed during your event by professional actors.

At each step of the process, you validate our choices; therefore, you make sure at all times that the final content of the performance will comply with your organization's values and requirements.

To summarize

A  prestigious, unique, quality performance created specially for you.
Theater provides emotions, and the effect is multiplied when the audience can relate to what they see.