Original training sessions designed for you

Do you have specific needs or skills you would like to work on?  Do you wish to use an original method, anchored in experience and practice?

Diotime can create training specifically for you. Here are some of the areas which can be addressed:
- 1:1 communication
- charismatic leadership
- education skills
- reactivity
- confidence
- etc.

Acting offers a wide range of possibilities.
If you have an idea in mind, let's talk about it!

Example: a 2-day intense and practical training session

A training specifically designed for adult trainers

An international company based in the Lake Geneva region contacted Diotime to create a workshop for 5 persons who provide frequent adult internal training  sessions and needed further training on education skills.

Diotime designed training, offering a combination of:
- Education skills theories and techniques to conceive compelling and efficient training sessions for adults (andragogy)
- Acting exercices to further improve their Public Speaking skills and useful tools to catch their audience's attention

The theory was provided in an interactive way, according to the Diotime active training style.

«It was the best training I had to date. The training was handled really professionnally, with focus on making us end the training with changed mindset and ready-to-use principles, for direct application. I could use what I learnt just as well in in knowledge transfer, user guidance and formal trainings. »

Yvain, IT project manager

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