Coaching sessions for all forms of Public Speaking

For a definite project

Do you have a speech or a presentation coming up and would like an express coaching session?

This work can be very fast - one or two sessions. It all depends on the importance of your project.
It allows you to get feedback on the content of your speech or presentation, as well as on the way you deliver it.

In-depth work

You would like to do in-depth work on your Public Speaking skills?

According to your experience, needs and expectations, we design an individual coaching program.

To address a specific point

Do you need to address a specific issue?

We focus our work to target this issue. For example on body language, presence, voice, pronunciation, self-assertion, leadership, interactivity, impact of messages, speech fluidity, etc.

How does it work?

We have a preliminary meeting. You explain your needs and expectations, and we work together during 1h30 to 2h.
The coaching includes a lot of acting exercices. It is surprising, intense and efficient.
If you like the coaching style, we can plan another session.