The acting experience

I use acting techniques for: training, individual coaching sessions and theater-based activities.

Be surprised !

Explore the different forms of public speaking and interaction: presence, charisma, voice, pronunciation, connection with the audience, clarity of messages - be ready to live a surprising experience!

The Diotime asset

Creativity, communication and expression combined with a strong corporate experience.


« If you want to go beyond theory, to be taken out of your comfort zone, to learn something new about yourself, to be a better trainer and have fun at the same time, this is a very good starting point. »


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Diotime activities

Learn through acting

« The most surprising, with these activities, is that they allow us to do things we thought we were unable to do. »


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Diotime activities

For organizations



We design training programs using mainly acting techniques. Our most popular program is public speaking and presentation skills. We also tackle interviews, confidence and propose tailor-made training.


Coaching sessions

Diotime provides individual coaching sessions. Use acting techniques to address any form of verbal communication.Each person has a unique personality. Our objective is to enable you to develop your full potential.

Acting-based activities

Create a special event in your organisation: tailor-made short plays to  entertain or raise awareness on a topic, role-plays, theatrical conference. We design a unique performance for you!

«I learnt the importance of the accuracy of words, and to mean what we say deep down in ourself; resulting in a simpler and more authentic communication. »

Béa G.

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These organizations trust me

Whatever the area, the human being is in the heart of our activities